About Us

808Beats.com is a resource for producers, rappers, promoters, and songwriters. We offer Beats, MIDI Collections, Drum Kits, Online Promotion, and Royalty Fee Sample Packs. All of our sounds are originally produced and are not recycled. You will not find a more unique source of free bass sounds for Trap, R&B, Rap, and Electronic Music production.

In addition to free sounds, midi files, and FL Studio templates we are going to be posting valuable information on how to market yourself as a producer. We all know consistency is key. But how do you multiply and amplify your efforts? Producers tend to market themselves to other producers. Other producers are not your target audience. The cheap cost of PC/Mac and DAWs have caused a proliferation of oversaturation of producers in the community. That doesn’t mean that you can’t make a living from your music. Or at the very least supplement your income.

In order to take your aspirations to the next level, you need to make your first dollar.

Not only are you trying to make your first dollar from music, but you are also trying to do it in one of the most hyper-competitive mediums in existence. Online.

You could sell clothes on Etsy, eye candy on a tube site, cell phone cases on eBay, or survival gear on Amazon, and all of those endeavors would be easier than trying to sell a beat online. Luckily the same basic principles apply to make money online.

Know your audience
Generate traffic from that audience
Track and analyze that traffic
Provide that traffic with consistent value
Convert that traffic
Retain and expand your converted traffic
Bonus – Feed the Algo’s