808Beats was founded By Alex Adekola in 2015 as a way to create unique sounds for producers and artists who are looking for something different in their production process.

Alex has been producing and making music since the age of 8 and produced his first studio album in 2003. With an affinity for Fruit Loops now known as FL Studio, Alex Adekola known by the stage name of Addek produced and recorded both of his studio albums using FL Studio. His sound is heavily influenced by the Roland TR-808 which was a staple of Miami Bass, Southern Crunk, and Hip Hop Music of the late 80′ to early 2000’s. The 808 Bass sound is still widely used in today’s music and will likely never fall out of favor with producers, artists, and fans alike.

Alex’s music has received regular airplay on the radio, has been featured in movies, and he has collaborated with independent artists across the globe. Alex has received notable press and praise for his performances and music in the Tampa Bay Area. Alex currently resides in Atlanta GA and is working on his next studio project along with new sound packs for 808Beats.com