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808 Kick Strip Download For FL Studio (stock plugins)

808 kickstrip FL Studio

Click to download our first Kick Strip for FL Studio |

Our 808 kick strip is an FL Studio Project Template loaded with everything needed to create heavy hitting 808s, basslines, and any other types of bass sounds you desire. Modeled after popular channel strips our kick strip is loaded with all the stock processing effects you will need to make radio quality kicks without spending a dime.

The channel rack has the following instruments loaded: Sytrus, 808 kick one-shot, Flex, GMS Groove Machine Synthesizer Module, Fruity Bassdum, Fruity DX10, MiniSynth, and Sim Synth. All of these instruments have been pre-loaded with bass sound selected and tweaked by 808beats.com.

On the mixer, the Master Channel has a Fruity Limiter for sound and Edison for recording the Bass sounds you create. Channel one is loaded with effects. They include Fruity Parametric EQ, Fruity Parametric EQ 2, Distructor, Fruity Blood Overdrive, Fruity WaveShaper, Frequency Splitter, Fruity Parametric EQ 2, Fruity Multiband Compression, Maximus and Tuner.

The Kick Strip contains many types of bass sounds and is only the first iteration of our Kickstrip. We are currently working on another stock Kick Strip for EDM style sounds.

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