How to Make A Melody in FL Studio.

In the video above we cover the basics of building a simple melody in FL Studio. This is an easy to follow tutorial that brings attention to the scale highlighting feature of the piano roll in order to start the melody creation process. There are many options in the scale highlighter of the piano roll. By selecting a key and scale FL Studio will highlight where to place notes that will sound in harmony together. Once you have clicked in a set of notes and created a scale you can create a new channel in the channel rack with an instrument of your choice.

Now when you open the piano roll on the new channel you will see your chords highlighted as well in an even lighter tone. This makes it easy for you to begin creating a melody. Generally, for beginners, I suggest using longer notes and focus on creating a pattern. Then you can listen to the melody and make tweaks to the notes or change the velocity.

As a new producer starting out without any type of musical knowledge in 2021 creating a is something you will have to do by ear. So creating simple melodies to start with is an easy way to train your ear to recognize notes that sound good together and create harmony.